Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doctor Card

I have a friend, a World Class Athlete, get hit by a car last week, while doing her final  training ride on her bike before the World Competition in Spain!  Broke her back in 3 places, cut her liver, and sliced her calf, along with road rash, and goodness! Believe it or not, she was sitting up the next day...
I wanted to send her some cards while she is recovering, and this is the first one...
I made a card similar to this one for my Step-daughter a few months came to mind and I duplicated it a little...a few changes, but pretty much the same!  It is an easel card...I forgot how to make it was a good review for me!  I cut the Doctor and bag from EDPD and the band aid from the Every day Pop-up Card cartridge...I hope it cheers her up a little...

P.S. Public Service Announcement:  Please give cyclists at least 3 feet as you pass them!  Cyclists and Runners are not out to irritate drivers...share the road with us, please!!  


  1. Oh my goodness, that is awful. I hope she is feeling better soon. Love your card and I know she will too. Where I live, their are a lot of cyclists and runners. The high school is near me and their track team runs through our neighborhood. I will see people flying by them and getting right up on the bikes, I am always thinking you people driving need to be more careful.

  2. That just makes me so mad. Good thing she's in great shape, she will heal faster. Your card will help ease the pain of having your life temporarily taken away. I run too, and I pound on cars that pass close enough for me to touch. I guess it's worth it to hit someone as long as you got to where you are going on time....yep, right.