Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Cricut Used...

Can you believe it???  I think this is the first non- cricut post I have done!!  Oh well, I had to show you!  I bought these headands at Michael's for $.79 for two... and I found the rhinestone stickers for a 1.00 and made my own cute sparkly headbands!!  Hooray for me!  They are cute, and if they fall apart after I wash them, well, I buy more stickers or throw away... I would have definitely gotten my $$$ worth!!
I could always use fabric paint...hmmmm....  Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Now thats a nice and cheap project and they are cute..

  2. Adorable. I am going to have to check my Michaels for these headbands.

  3. What a cute and inexpensive idea... isn't it funny to craft without your cricut once you've been using it for so long... It gets like that for me too.
    mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com