Wednesday, August 3, 2011


OK... are you tired of Flip-flops just yet???  No worries, I will be done with them this week!  It was fun to find creative ways to use them, but some of my creative ways are a little bit more like routine.  I once again used the Spring Holiday cartridge for the boxes...cut at fit to page... the largest I could get them.  It was fun to match different colors together...something I get very nervous to do!  Using PINK... no sweat...any other color???  Yikes!  But these turned out actually better than I thought!  What will I do with these boxes?  Well...not sure really!  Hahahhaha... these are nice to simply have on hand for that special occasion- who wouldn't like to get something like that as a gift...maybe put a GC in it, or a piece of handmade jewelry or worries, I will use them!  Thanks as always for stopping by my blog today.  I would love it if you left me a comment...just to let me know you stopped by...