Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last minute gift

Headed out for lunch, and my hubby asked me to "dress-up" a little something that we were taking to a friend.  So with a little thought, I made a quick tote and using Life's a Beach cut the palm tree and flamingo...it fit the person we were giving it to, the Manager, at Tommy Bahama's Restaurant!
I forgot to take a picture of it, so I took one quickly with my iPhone in the parking lot!  Hahahaha  It is amazing how we can make something go from blah- to amazing in minutes!!  Thanks for looking!!


  1. How cute!! Love it and I love all of the embossing.

  2. That is cute..and no one will know that you did it last minute, lol..well ok your followers will but we won't tell.

  3. So very cute. Could you share what embossing folder was used for the background. I'm new to embossing, but I think it adds so much and this is one I'd like to get. Thanks