Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Cake

Oh my goodness, this box was fun to make!  I cut it at 11 inches as suggested in book, and it came out plenty big!  You could almost fit 2 small cupcakes in there... I like the size, as it would make a perfect box for a gift, with no cupcake liner inside!  What a great way to "wrap" something up!  I used paper that has been sitting in my stash for quite sometime, so I whipped up the "recipe" Chocolate with caramel mousse filling!  YUMMY!!  It could use something on top, but since the paper I used was a little busy, I figured I could get away without anything.  But the possibilities are endless... I would really hate to see that go in the trash...( What I don't know doesn't hurt me...right?)  Thanks for checking out my blog this week!


  1. Nice, i like it. You could make them smaller and set it up like a whole cake, put candies inside..

  2. Nice creme cake.... i like it.... i think so that you would make them smaller in size and set up it like a whole delicious cake....
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