Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chinese Take-Out

Well, who doesn't like to take the leftovers from the Chinese restaurant, just so you can take home the little box!!  This box was one of the reasons, I HAD to have the Sweet Tooth Box Cartridge!!  OK, so I cut it at 11.25 as suggested in the book, and I thought it was a little BIG... perfect for a dozen cookies or some brownies or a small gift!  I can think of so many things and ideas and holiday's to use this box!
It was fairly easy to put together, and the score lines were plenty visible.  Maybe because I am used to cutting everything much, much smaller!!  Hahaha...  I looked for some wire to make a handle, but nothing sturdy enough, so I had a BIG paperclip, and I bent it some to make it curve the best I could...filled it with Dark Chocolate Hersey Kisses!  Thanks for stopping by...hope you are having a "sweet" week!!


Side view


  1. Nice..yes this is another reason i want this cart, and the cake slice will be fun to make too.

  2. I love all your boxes. I've had this cart since last week and haven't opened it yet! It looks a little scary to me...hahahaha I gotta get brave enough to try one of these projects. I feel better seeing yours. Thanks for the courage! BTW Great blog, I'll be back...probably daily!! Happy Thursday :)

  3. I love this!! I am going to have to get that cart.