Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doctor's in the House

Well, this is probably a favorite of mine, since I love the Paper Doll Cartridge anyways!  You can never go wrong using that one!  My Step-Daughter had surgery this past weekend, a Pace Maker put in, ( she is only 26) but came through surgery no problems!!  Thank Goodness!
Thought I would send her a card to cheer her up a little!
For this card, I used the Doctor from EDPD, and the Band-aid was from Everyday Pop Up Cards.  The Doctors bag was cut from Forever Young- the duffel bag cut at 3/4".  Very small to work with, but added that extra something to the card!   It was my first time making an easel card that I have seen all over the Internet, so I am pretty proud of myself!  Hahahaha!!  Thanks for stopping by...

Side View

3D bag

Cutest Band-Aid...huh?

Inside card

1 comment:

  1. Tina,
    First off, glad to hear your step daughter is doing well.
    Wow, your first easel card is fantastic. I love how you used the band-aid to hold it up. She is going to love this card!