Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Truth, Justice...

Welcome back to day two of this SUPER Week!!
I found this card and thought it was cute... I cut it out of Kraft paper so it had the newspaper feel to it... I am not sure that many folks these days actually receive a newspaper, but what a fun way to make a card.  The card was fairly simple to make... but the Superman inside was very small and I couldn't use all the pieces I cut, as I had no idea what they were, and they were cut so small at 2-3/4" that most of the pieces stayed on the paper...hahaha... but it looks enough like Superman!!
I then thought, how cute it would it would be to take your Gypsy or DS and alter the words a little bit... and make your own newspaper card:
Always ready for action!!
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  1. Tina,
    How cute is this? I love it.

  2. These are really cute. I imagine that Super Man was hard to put together being small like that. Love how you altered the one for you, great idea.

  3. I have this cartridge but am too scared to try it! :) But, I love the card you've made, so I'll have to be brave and strong like a super hero and give it my best shot! :)

  4. Fun cards. I have been wanting this cartridge, now I have a reason to get it.