Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Was I speeding?

Hahahaha- So you know when you get pulled over by the policeman, and he /she asks for License, registration and Proof of Insurance?  Well, I fumble for it, I have it, but I have a few of them, because as I get updated ones, I just throw them in, and never take the others out- so I thought I would make it easy on myself and put the most recent ones inside something together, and toss the others... just to be a little more organized.  Yes, I could just paperclip them together, but after all, I have a Cricut!  So, I had a photo album that I tore out the insides, leaving the clear pocket, and I decorated the front and back.  Inside will have the Proof of Insurance and registration!  Maybe, if I "throw the book" at the policeman" he/she may get a laugh and just give me a warning...hahahahaha... hopefully, it is never seen, and only I will know its there!


  1. That is too cute!! I agree, hopefully you won't have to show it to any policemen, lol.

  2. Tina,
    Super cute! I agree with Jean, hopefully you will never have to show it

  3. I LOVE it. Cute idea. Can you make me one with red hair???? LOL


  4. Hahaha this is the absolute cutest way to get out of a ticket that I have ever seen!