Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back Pack Style

I really like Life's a know why?  It has lots of cute boxes on it!  I made these two backpacks.  They really are cute and cut at 8-1/2" they are plenty big to put in a nice surprise for someone.  I used Kate's ABC's for the Hat and thread ribbon as a closure.  For the Pink backpack I used Velcro to close the flap...very simple and easy Party favors.

Back...cute ribbon handles

Side view

Close Up

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Toad"ally cute!

I am back... been so busy, I haven't posted anything new in a week!!!  UGH!!!  Sorry!!
I am starting to get ready for a Party that my mom and I have each year.  We get together and "party," visit, shop and eat... so much fun!  This year, we are going to have a "Princess" theme.  I am starting to make a few party favors, and some decorations so you will see several Princess ideas from time to time!  Our Party is in August!!
I made these party favors... the bags are cut from Once Upon a Princess... cut fit to page... pretty good sized little bags, and the Toad is from New Arrival... I love the little animals on that cartridge.  As you will see in the pictures, the handles are done differently, wasn't sure how to do them, so I did each one a little different.  I like them both... so I guess there isn't a wrong or right way...?

Close up... Isn't she cute?

Monday, April 18, 2011


Thank you everyone for stopping by last week to visit for SUPER WEEK!!  The winner of the blog candy is:   Love that Bug---  Please send me your email address so I can get your mailing address...
Thanks EVERYONE for your kind comments!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much for spending your week with me!  Each of you have been SUPER awesome this week and I look forward to doing this again soon...
My last SUPER project this week, is the cut that I bought the cartridge for in the first place!  It is so elegant and feminine and really looks so delicate and dainty.  The frame itself would be so pretty cut and used for something else... it is one cut but each cuts separately... I made the box using Holiday Spring Cards (not really sure of the name) hahahha  but I LOVE the boxes on that cartridge!
Needs a bow on top!
Thanks again for sharing a SUPER week with me!  Please remember to leave a comment on each days posts and must be a Follower ( Since this week is all about Followers!) and a way for me to contact you can be entered into the drawing for the SUPER blog candy!!  I will draw the winner over the weekend and post on Monday, April 18th!
Stickers, stamps, magnetic stapler, Elmers glue runner, and NOT pictured
a $10.00 Gift card to either JoAnn's or Michael's- your Choice!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

This week is going by so quick!!  Glad to see you made it back here for day 4!!  Again, this SUPER week was inspired by my SUPER Followers!! YOU!!! I do mean that honestly!  I started this blog so I could have a diary of things I have created, and so that I could remember and have a place to store them.  I never thought I would have anyone stopping by here on a regular basis, and even "follow" my blog!  Except, maybe my mother!!  So this week is for all of you!!
Day 4 project is a simple box I made from Splitcoasters and choose the cut from Superman!  This is a real "girlie" cut and I liked it!   I think it would make a pretty tattoo.  (I don't have any tattoo's but this one would be pretty!) Hahahhaha-- The background was embossed using the Cuttlebug folder, Stars.

Ahhh... tomorrow is the last day!  WOW!  Where does the time "fly?"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up, Up and Away!!

Hey, pretty good if you came back for Day 3!!!
Exploring this cartridge, there are tons of cuts for Superman, and even a Supergirl on there!  I have never thought of myself as SUPER anything, but I thought this would be fun to wear...OK, maybe just to bed...but I have wanted for the longest time to make a Freezer Paper T-shirt and I thought this would be a cute emblem or a reminder that in each of us, we are SUPER in our own little way!
My favorite color is looked pretty good against the black...1st one had to be simple!
1st Freezer Paper T-shirt
Up close
Please leave a comment so you can be entered for the SUPER Blog Candy drawing!!  Remember this week is all about SUPER FOLLOWERS!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Truth, Justice...

Welcome back to day two of this SUPER Week!!
I found this card and thought it was cute... I cut it out of Kraft paper so it had the newspaper feel to it... I am not sure that many folks these days actually receive a newspaper, but what a fun way to make a card.  The card was fairly simple to make... but the Superman inside was very small and I couldn't use all the pieces I cut, as I had no idea what they were, and they were cut so small at 2-3/4" that most of the pieces stayed on the paper...hahaha... but it looks enough like Superman!!
I then thought, how cute it would it would be to take your Gypsy or DS and alter the words a little bit... and make your own newspaper card:
Always ready for action!!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Bird..It's a's

SUPER Week!!  I have such SUPER Followers, so this week is for you!  Truly, I have some of the kindest people that come here and visit, and some even leave comments!  Thank you, everyone!  I hope you enjoy this special week just for you!
I bought the Superman Cartridge, because I saw 1(one) cut on it I just had to have... so after getting the cart, I decided to explore it a little bit, and show you a few cuts that were my favorites!  Of course, by now, you must all know I prefer to make boxes or "things" so I found these boxes and just had to cut them!
They are pretty deep.

I think filled with some "kryptonite" they would make a cute little gift box for a SUPER someone!

Now, of course, a SUPER WEEK could not be SUPER unless there was some SUPER Blog Candy:
Sickers, stamps, magnetic stapler, Elmers glue runner, and (not pictured) a $10.00 Gift card from
 JoAnn's OR Michaels's- you choose!
All you need to do is leave a comment each day this week and of course, be a Follower... since that is what SUPER WEEK is all about! All names will be entered into a random drawing!!  Hope to see you again tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Week coming...

you won't want to miss!  I decided that I have such SUPER FOLLOWERS, I wanted to spend a week showing you "SUPER" projects that I created, with a chance to win some "SUPER" blog candy!  I do hope you will check out my blog starting- Monday, April 11th- 15th ( I would love it if you checked out my blog every other day- hahahaha)

Golf Caddy

OK, I promise this will be the last caddie box you see from me for awhile... I have done several of these, and I think they are just the cutest little boxes... and I love boxes!  I made this one for my Hubby as his Easter basket!  I plan to make some tags- such as a golf ball, and maybe tee... for some trail mix that he likes from Whole Foods, and some Cliff bars, and then throw in some suntan lotion and chap stick... all things he will use on the golf course!  Something different this year!  What do you think?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Was I speeding?

Hahahaha- So you know when you get pulled over by the policeman, and he /she asks for License, registration and Proof of Insurance?  Well, I fumble for it, I have it, but I have a few of them, because as I get updated ones, I just throw them in, and never take the others out- so I thought I would make it easy on myself and put the most recent ones inside something together, and toss the others... just to be a little more organized.  Yes, I could just paperclip them together, but after all, I have a Cricut!  So, I had a photo album that I tore out the insides, leaving the clear pocket, and I decorated the front and back.  Inside will have the Proof of Insurance and registration!  Maybe, if I "throw the book" at the policeman" he/she may get a laugh and just give me a warning...hahahahaha... hopefully, it is never seen, and only I will know its there!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Week- Guest Designer

Welcome!  I am so excited to be a Guest Designer for Kassidy at:   InkingitupCrazy!  When asked to create a Birthday Party Invitation, I got a little nervous, since I usually send them via "Evite!" Hahaha- But- since my mother and I get together every year and have a party, I figured, why not send her a Party Invitation this year!  We are going to have a Princess Party... so here is my invitation!

Using Once Upon a Princess Cartridge, I cut out a Princess( 2) making her wide enough to "hide" the actual invitation details.  I used my Gypsy to make her 5.65 Wide X 6.00 tall.  I then cut her crown twice and welded it once to a rectangle.  I glued the two dolls together making a "pocket" and then using pop dots I popped up the crown so it would fit her head and slide through the "pocket!"  I cut out a tiny frog to add some color to the invitation.  I bought some stamps, (BTW... I could use some stamping lessons...) and stamped the phrase and details on the back!
Pulling up from the crown displays the details!
Front of card
Back of Card
Thanks for stopping by... make sure you "Party" all week at InkingItUpCrazy as she has a whole Birthday Week Celebration for you!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

...brings May Flowers!

Welcome back for Day 2 of the "April Showers" blog Hop!  Hopefully, you are coming from Nicollete's blog if not, and you would like to start from the beginning, please visit Kathryn's blog, she is our Hostess for this wonderful Blog Hop!!

My project today was simple...but fun!  I fell in love with this little cart the moment I saw it, and wanted to make one!  This blog hop gave me the perfect opportunity to do so!  I coupled it with a matching card, to make a Springtime display set.  Hope you enjoy it!!  As always, thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comments!

Now you are off to Roxybond's blog!
Come back tomorrow, as I will be a Guest Designer and have something cute to show you!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Showers...

Welcome to the "April Showers" Blog Hop!!  This is a two-day Hop, so make sure you join us again tomorrow!!  Hopefully, you hopped over from Nicollete's  blog... or if you would like to start from the beginning please go to Kathryn's blog, our wonderful Hostess!  You won't want to miss a thing!!

My project for today, is another Caddy-box, I can't seem to make enough of these... I thought it would be fun to make this as an Easter Basket this year!  It has 4 "pockets" which is big enough to put in just about anything. I put in "shower supplies"- bath oil, powder, body wash and of course, an Easter Bunny "sprinkled" with rice crispies!  I used Kate's ABC's for the front of the box, which captured "April Showers" perfectly!!  Hahaha-I really do love every cut on that cartridge!!!

Front of box

Look at all the room!
Thanks for stopping by... now you are off to RoxyBonds blog!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2!!