Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let there be LIGHT!

Hahaha- Well, I have been dying to make Luminaries for the longest time!  I really wanted to make some for Halloween last year, but was too "scared" to try!  So, I thought, it is on my list of things to make "someday" and I went for it!  These were probably the EASIEST things in the world to make!
I welded shapes from the Gypsy onto a 3X 11" rectangle, scored, used transparent paper for backing, and taped and decorated!!!  You will probably be seeing more of these on my blog going forward... oh, the possibilities... here are a couple... and then I will post some more later this week!
These are a couple that I made for a friends Dog's Birthday party... yes, we are dog/animal lovers and of course I had to make one to represent the color of her dogs, plus mine!  I couldn't leave out my precious Ollie and Dexter!!!  Thanks for looking!!

They are paw prints although at first glance they look like Mickey Mouse gloves... Hahahaha