Thursday, February 24, 2011

TP Roll Quote Book

OK... so now I am able to cross off something else on my "to-do" list!  The TP Roll booklet!  Hahahaha  I have seen so many of these darling books, and one would never guess from looking at them, that they were made out of TP rolls!
I was able to save 4 of them, to give this a try!  I kind of went blindly as the tutorials on line were quick and too many details for me.  So, I did my own sort of thing- turned out kind of cute!  I misted (water sprayed) the rolls and then flattened them in the Cuttlebug, and placed in between books of paper with my BIA paperweight on top!  I used  Rock Princess for the phrases, as the cuts I wanted to do were just way to small to layer and look good!
I wasn't going for the "rock" look or feel to this book, but it worked.  I covered the rolls in white paper and then used Modge Podge (1 coat) to make it a little more durable.
I cut the tags using TBBM.  I plan to print out some running quotes that motivate me and stick on the tags! What do you think?


  1. A very cute mini!! You did a great job!!


  2. super cute! I have never seen this but I love it!

  3. I left you something on my blog! Come and check it out!

  4. What a fun project. Glad I found your blog. I am now a follwer. Come visit my site and follow. Thanks for sharing ideas.