Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks Mom!

I bought Kate's ABC's last week, for no reason at all!  Got it home, and oh, what a delightful cartridge it is! So Girly!  I am a bit of a "girly-girl" so I fell in love with each and every cut!  You will be seeing a lot from this cartridge for a bit-
My mom bought me a Kindle for my birthday which is right around the corner!  Oh, what a delightful and surprising gift that was for me!  Like she, I love to read!  So, of course, I needed to send her a "Thank You" card right away!!  This one was perfect!  Thanks Mom!  This card is in the mail to you!


  1. Great card, so cute!! And, you are going to love your Kindle. I have a Sony Reader I got about a year ago and I love it. Great gifts for readers. :)

  2. Someone else used this cut on a layout...OMG I must have this cart! Too cute!