Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Note Cards

I am always looking for something quick to grab when I need to write a quick note.  I usually end up grabbing a post it note and thinking, I should make something cute- but too late.  So, I was going through my stash of cartridges that I NEVER use, and found these sweet note cards from Sentimental!  I cut these at 3-1/2" and really there are only two cuts!  However, the one cut with the words "hello" are difficult to cut out since I could never get my settings right!  Eventually, after going through lots more paper and work than they were worth, I got out the Gypsy and removed the "hello."  You could always add a ribbon or bow or bling to really jazz these up, but I think for something quick to grab, these are perfect!
Thanks for looking!

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