Sunday, December 19, 2010

Car Tattoo's

Before I put my Car Decal cartridge away, I cut two really quick "tattoo's!"  One for my Husband and one for my Mother.  Can you guess which one is for which?  Hahaha
None of us like things on our car windows, but these were small enough that they won't stand out... but cute enough to show off- a little!  :)
I cut the Golfer at 2-1/4" and the phrase Families are Forever at 1-1/4"  Amazing how the sizing can be so different with each image!  Anyways, I am waiting for my Hubby to come home- from golfing- so I can put the Golfer on his car, and I plan to send the phrase to my Mother so she can put on her car window!
These decals are addicting.. I looked at the book and wanted to put more images on my car... but I think one is enough...for now!  That's why they are like Tattoo's once you get one you want another!!!  BTW... I don't have any Tattoo's but that's what I hear!!  Hahaha


  1. Love these!! I ordered this cart and it is supposed to come tomorrow. I can't wait to get it.

  2. Super cute
    Thanks for sharing