Friday, September 10, 2010

Have I been busy or what? A friend had asked me to make a Mass Card for her brother who had just passed away. She thought I was crafty and had always liked the things I had made in the past, so why not have me do something like this?? Well, she asked for 50 which is A LOT for me, since I really had no clue what it was I was actually making for her. Her brother liked to garden and that was the main focus of my card. I used ACY - the little boy gardening silhouette, and used the card feature as well. Used the picture she gave me for the front, and tied gingham ribbon to the side. Inside, I used Vellum, something I had not used before and printed the information she supplied. I used Glue Dots to adhere the Vellum, since is was virtually see- through and I didn't want to see tape or glue.... DONE!! 50 in 2 days... I wouldn't want to make a living making these... I prefer cuteness!


  1. You have been busy. They turned out nice.

  2. these turned out BEAUTIFUL
    you really did a great job