Sunday, June 27, 2010

Car magnets

I just couldn't wait to try out the Magnet material from PC. I needed a deep blade to cut out the material...and of course, my favorite vinyl material! I really think I could vinyl my whole house, it so so fun to play with! Anyways...
Using the Paisley cartridge, I cut out the tennis shoes as the base for the magnet. I used Plantin Schoolbook for the numbers, and put them all together!
I have well enough earned the 13.1 magnet, and working on the 26.2 (October) but I thought I might as well go ahead and cut them both at the same time. I plan to put these on my car bumper as I am proud to be a runner and what a perfect way to show it. There are magnets out there already, that I have wanted to buy, but... I thought I would make mine unique!!!
Thanks for looking!

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