Monday, September 1, 2014

Cup Cake Fun

I don't know about you, but it seems that when I buy one thing, it usually calls for something else, and then something else… I get this trait from my mom for sure!!  But its not a bad one, as check out these darling stamps from Jaded Blossom!!  I love cupcakes, so imagine my need for these… right?  Had to have them!!

Well, I then found this mini-cupcake maker at Michael's for a steal… and thought, I should get that to go with my stamps… so I made a purchase!!  Hahahahaha

I had a ton of fun making the mini cupcakes… and they tasted great!  Only took like 3 minutes to bake inside this little maker, and a box of cake mix made 42 mini's!!  Didn't take as long as it sounds!

I then wanted to make something that I could put the stamps on, and then have a reason to distribute cupcakes, as I could have seriously eaten all 42 cupcakes!!  C'mon… they are mini's!!

I found this file from My Scrap Chick and it was so very easy to put together, I knew it would be a perfect fit for this round of cupcakes!!


Friday, August 29, 2014

"Bee" Happy!!

Today is my last post as a Design Team member for My Scrap Chick!  I had a blast designing for MSC and enjoyed working with such wonderful files!!

Today, my post is an adorable Bee Belly Box that my mom and I made when we got together recently. This box is so darn cute, and is big enough to place some goodies inside.  What a great gift this "bee" for someone!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Diet starts tomorrow...

This file was sooo cute… I couldn't wait to make it!!  It was a freebie from PPPR ( Pretty Paper,Pretty Ribbon).  
I am a "vanilla-type" gal… simple!  So vanilla was the flavor I used for this darling cut.  I wanted the face to be sad that it was melting, and here in AZ, we don't eat ice cream in the summer!!!  That is definitely a Winter treat for us!!  :)

Once I stamped the sad face on it, the little ice cream cone became a sad card!!  Oh my goodness, I never knew the little guy could look so SAD!!  I looked through my tiny pile of stamps to find something clever to add so it wouldn't depress the crap out whoever I gave it to…

Lo and behold, I found the PERFECT stamp from Jaded Blossom… Diets Suck!  Well, yes, they do, and that is why I don't diet… carb cycling is the only way to do it…no dieting… oh, wait, that's another blog…  back to the card!  The saying was perfect, and now it's just simply a darling card…not to be used for something sad!!  This card, now makes me smile!!  What do you think??

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ladybug, Ladybug...

I found a cute file at the Silhouette on-line store and thought about what I could do with it… It's actually a candy bar caddy and this one fits a 3Musketeers bar perfectly… it also fits Hershey nuggets as well.  Quite honestly, I think you could put a lip gloss and a tube of mascara and it would be a perfect gift! (OK…maybe my perfect gift!)

I had some cute paper set aside for a summer project, and while its summer here all year around… I thought I could break it out and put it to use!  It had cute little ladybugs on it, and it made a great complimentary layer for this caddy!

I then needed something to embellish the front of it, and well… a Ladybug was the obvious choice!  I used a file I had from My Scrap Chick, and used the Ladybug Treat Box Trio…I used the topper front.  Shrunk it down to size and stamped a cute face on the darling Ladybug, and well there you have it!!

As always thanks for looking…

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A little "Cheesy"...

Need a quick way to package a little "something, something" for someone? Use the darling Treat topper that came with the Mouse Belly Box Trio from My Scrap Chick… so very easy to put together and it creates something special in little or no time!  Those are my favorite kinds of projects… looks like you spent a ton of time, but you didn't!! :)

I used this darling Mouse Topper for a cute little "Thank You" gift… she was so cute and fun, I hated to give her away…  I used glue dots and stuck her on top of Cheetos!  Perfect!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oooh La La...

How cute is Ms. Kitty?  She is looking a little sassy in this one, don't you think?  Hahahahaha…
She was absolutely "purrrfect" for a birthday gift for a friend!

I used the file I got by participating in a blog hop at SVGCuttingfiles.  There were a ton of Hello Kitty files and this one, I knew I had to make!

I put her on a cute treat purse bag I found over at Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon.  Both files so very simple to put together!!

I also used some Jaded Blossom stamps that went again, "purrfectly" for this gift!  The stamps fit Hersey kisses and I added them to the bottom of the candies…  threw in some VS lotion and a GC and my gift is complete…

Thanks for looking...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tiny Bubbles...

Today is my day to show off a super cute cut file from My Scrap Chick!!  I love bubbles… I think everyone finds blowing bubbles is fun!!

This was so much fun piecing together… tons of bubbles… I seriously couldn't wait to buy some Bubbles for this project!!

It will make an adorable addition to a birthday present next week!

I used a stamp for the face… I love stamping faces on things… it brings them to life!  I made a quick box out of some scrap paper I had and put the bubbles/bottle/wand on it and wrapped a cute ribbon around it!

What do you think??  I'll bet you will want to go and get yourself a bottle of bubbles… hahahhahaha